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The Greenlanddog knows no boundaries, the malamute is very picky about them. Malamutes have more of a clean cut. They care about appereans in some strange way. They are good workers, but they kind of show up in a suit and tie, ready to kick as in a "Wall Street" kind of way. The Greenlanddog shows up in a dirty and torn overall, ready to get down and dirty. My malamutes will get offended if I raise my voice, then they will give thoughts on how long time it will take to forgive me. My Greenlanddogs does barely hear if I raise my voice, non the less care if I do so. My malamutes listen, they want to cooperate, interested in my thoughts, they will discuss solutions. The Greenlanddogs have one mode, forward, and if I'm lucky I will keep up. I pretty mush point them in the right direction and hope for the best 😉 The energy they bring to the table is exceptional. I do often get the question why I am so stubborn to run malamutes. Doing it with only Alaskans/Siberian/Greenlanddogs would be so much easier, especially with my ambitions. Well, what can I say? I just love Malamutes and all their pride and integrity. Driving dogs is not just about races and wins for me. Mixing these breeds in my team create for me a perfect mix. I love seeing them work together and the malamutes are really good at bringing structure to the team, the Greenlanddogs bring the energy and drive. They do rubb of on each other in a good way. Everyone of you guys following young Tarfala knows the importance Knoxville has had on his development. And Tarfala's energy is impossible for the team to regard - he makes them all pic up speed. Malamutes often are called lazy and I guess that is in some way true. But. They do have awsome skills and when you breed and treat them right - man, they can perform! These two breeds fascinate me, and fulfill different parts in me. The malamutes pride, intelligence and high integrity is so grounding. The Greenlanddogs crazy, limitlessnes and freedom sets my heart free. But anyway, in the end of the day they all always show up and give me their everything. And that's what it's all about. The teamwork. Love my dogs. They are the best ❤
Today we meet a stunning team in Wasilla right outside the Iditarod headquarters. Own by no one the less then Raymie Redington. His father was one of the founders of Iditarod back in the 70s. Pretty cool 😉
Dog's in Alaska. My post's have stirred up feelings with some of you regarding dogs on chains. I get that! It looks harsh and kind of unfriendly. But sometimes there is more then what meets the eye. The kennels we have visited have impressed me with their deep love and understanding for dogs as well as respect and knowledge for their needs. This is people that have devoted their life to dogs and their main mission in life is to create good wellfair for them. Offcourse there are kennels who do not take proper care of their dogs, but that acures in Alaska as well in Sweden. That happens to dogs sleeping in dogpens, sofas, beds and chains. The neglection layes in the owners lack of responsibility, not the environment. To really understand an Alaskan Husky is hard if you've not took part in their world. Seeing the spark in their eyes when they run or felt the energy they inherited from decades of great athletic ancestors. But also seeing them curled up on their doghouse roof, relaxed and in total peace after a days work in harness. These dogs get so much love and attention from people who's lifemission and daily work is to take care of them. Meet their needs and make them feel on top of the world - so they can be awesome at what they most of all want to - RUN! I wish I had that time time to put on my dogs that these dogs get. Every. Single. Day. As I think you guys know, I have high standards when it comes to dogcare. I make my living by educating dogtrainers to learn dogowners to take good care of their fourlegged friends. And my own dogs live in huge dogpens and all that for a reason. But I can also se when dogs are deeply loved and taken care of. The dogs we have come across here in Alaska are truly that ❤ So, the pics I posted are of dogs on chains. But believe me, that is not what their life is about. But it is the easiest situation for me to capture them in a frame because of leash they do not stand still 😘

"Team Snowquest"

Uppfödning av rasen alaskan malamute i liten skala främst för eget bruk.

Vi tar kullar framförallt för eget bruk, med fokus på dragvilliga, trevliga, sociala och vackra hundar. Att bevara rasen enligt rasstandard och ursprung är en självklarhet.

Vi brinner för rasens ursprung som den fantatiskt arbetande hunden den är.

Här kan du hitta information om våra hundar, avelsplaner och tidigare kullar.

Kika runt lite och lär dig mer om oss!

Stuguthyrning &

Vi har olika boendealternativ för dig på resande fot, semester eller utbildning.

Hyr stuga i Sulviken! Vi kan erbjuda boende till enskilda personer och för grupper upp till 12 personer.

Vildmarkscamp och konferans.

Trivsamt, vackert och med naturen alldeles inpå knuten och omringad av berg kan du inte bo bättre. Att få höra hundarnas gemensamma kvälls-yl är grädden på moset. 

Varmt välkomana till oss!

Om oss

Vi är ett gäng passionerade för naturupplevelser!
Vi delar alla intresset att få ge andra härliga upplevlser, god service och ett personligt bemötande. Tillsammans har vi en bred kunskap som gör att vi kan erbjuda våra kunder ett helhets koncept  utöver det vanliga! 

Sandra är certifierad coach, utbildad vid "Coach2coach".
Hon är även beteendevetare hos hund och utbildar hundinstruktörer och problemhunskonsulter. Brinner för hundens beteende!

Grundare av Svenska terapihundsföreningen.

Hundspannsförare med passion för långdistanskörning!

Michelle har en fil.kand i matlagning från Grythyttan/Örebro universitet. 
Kunskap och passion för viner och matlagning.

Hon är även beteendevetare hos hund.



Tobbe är lärare med inriktning och utbildning på konflikt- och mobbinghantering.
Väldigt duktig på barn och ungdomar!




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